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Who we are (NAOS)

We are a group of individuals who seek the only Truth in this false world.

NAOS was established several years ago. Even though some evolution occurred, NAOS is still a democratic free thought movement, which advocates freedom from religion domination over philosophy and science. Moreover, NAOS is against any kind of oppression and supports free will and individuality.


NAOS is trying to evolve in a global network of outstanding individuals that will promote unique knowledge regarding the origins of humankind, scientific topics (such as Psychology), and metaphysics. Members of NAOS work together in order to spread the seeds of individual elitism far and wide.


One of its goals is to establish a local influence in every country on earth with the intention of to make this world a better place.


NAOS can be defined as a modern esoteric movement based on the first belief that mankind endorsed and offers a precise path leading to full understanding of the purpose of the human race and the true origins of the human race.


Naos concentrates on the spiritual potentiality and believes that many human beings are lost members of our family that existed thousands years ago and guide them in order to distinguish the truth from the lie and eventually make them remember their original heritage.


Our teachings are not ideas to be collected, but a bright path to be followed.


Naos will offer a new way of thinking and living within modern society and can improve everyday life mentally and bodily.

What does NAOS mean ?

Naos is the inner temple of the most ancient religion.

It is very significant to mention that the Priesthood of Naos serves the central role in the Typhonian Temple.

In Greek Naos means “Temple”.

The word “Naos” springs from the Greek verb “naio”, which means inhabit. It was used frequently as the first word before the name of an ancient God and normally was the inhabitancy of the God.

In ancient Egypt the word Naos was commonly referred as the inner temple. In general, this word represents something that is sacred.

Naos is a temple indeed.

It is a temple so big and non-understandable to the Homo sapiens eye it is comparable with an ant that cannot understand the size and the significance of a skytower.

Naos is built according to the sacred geometry that was given by the Gods to the Homo sapiens. The co-ordinates of the Temple are known because of the sacred monuments that were built thousands of years before in the ancient civilizations. All the temples were built with great accuracy according to the movement of the planet system and specific spots of ultimate energy.

As above, so bellow.

These temples are the places that the Typhonians can contact the Typhonian Gods. The purpose of the Typhonian is to visit the temples that were used as the stairway to heavens and be initiated like the old Hierophant in the ancient

Make an experiment: Visit any place like Parthenon, the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge and any place that is sacred and breathe the air. You Will feel Aether consume your body.

Naos is created in the name of the Prince of Darkness and Vengeance, Typhon.


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