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This is the official book concerning the Teachings of Naos.

Typhonia Mysteria includes the Book of Nous, a sacred text that explains magical reasoning in a world of delusion, as indicated by the Prince of Darkness.

"NAOS is based on the principles inherent in the Pentagram of Typhon but done from the interpretive view of the known physical properties of Energy and Matter. Integrating logic and science, it can help us find and fix imbalances in our spiritual and physical energy systems.

The Truths hidden within the Three Aspects of Typhon; man (body), beast (mind), wings (soul) will bear clues as to where we are losing our energy; why it continues to happen and how the beliefs we hold on to determine the outcome.

What you put forth comes back threefold."


  • Book of Nous…6
  • Noeton…9
  • Aether…11
  • The Typhonian Race…12
  • Without Darkness, there is no light…14
  • Shadow of the Dream…16
  • The Power of History…18
  • Reprogramming…20
  • One Step Further…22
  • The Conqueror…23
  • Types of Conquerism…25
  • Conqueror’s Breath of Life…27
  • The Contact…29
  • The Truth of the lie…43
  • Pythias Grammata…45
  • Initiatory Stages of NAOS…50
  • A Word about Noeton…51
  • Silence is Gold…52
  • Homodeus Information…52
  • A Word of Differentiality…53
  • Does Cthulhu exist?...55