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An article from the Conqueror journal

Does Cthulhu exist?

After the death of the founder of the entity, called Cthulhu, several magicians and occult societies tried to bring the tentacles from fiction to reality. But what is fiction?

Fiction derives from the Latin word “fictus” and its past participle “fngere”, which means “to invent”, “to shape”. Therefore, Cthulhu is shaped by someone or by many.

We know the fact that Chtulhu is shaped and invented by Lovecraft because we know Lovecraft, we have read Lovecraft, we know people who met Lovecraft and we have photos of him. But what about the entity called Jesus of Nazareth? Is this entity fictional (shaped and/or invented) or real?

Think it for a while and make your conclusions.

There is no historical evidence that Jesus of Nazareth existed and died on the cross, except the gospels that were written by someone. Still, billions of people believe that Jesus existed and they have created thousands of church to worship his name.

Do you see any resemblance between the Gospels and Lovecraft stories?

Of course you can see the similarities. Human beings laid their beliefs on the Gospels who shaped the figure of Jesus without proving his existence. However, this happened before 2000 years and we have not photos of the apostles (or the author).

Now it is the time to ask: “So what is your point?”

The point is that I have already indicated the secret of all religions and the existence of entities. The next diagram can explain in simple words that Cthulhu exists.

A reader reads the Bible ----- > Releases one Energized Belief

Thousands of readers read the Bible ---- > Release thousands Energized Beliefs

Energized Belief ------ > Jesus’ existence

Put instead of the word Bible, the stories of Lovecraft and instead of Jesus the word Cthulhu.

The conclusion is that both “fictional” entities exist.

Right now. This moment.

One can ask: “Do you have proof that Cthulhu exists?”

My answer will be a question: “Do you have proof that Jesus exists?”

The answer is rather simple. Those who shaped the figure of Jesus knew this little secret which says “Try to make something believable in order to make humans believe”. This is the Truth of the lie, as indicated in the Typhonia Mysteria and this is the reality of the existence of the Elder Gods and Chtulhu Himself.

Despite the fact that Lovecraft did not believe in what he was writing and the Cthulhu mythos, he had the talent to transform fiction into reality. A classical paradigm of his talent was the genesis of the infamous Necronomicon.

It is not a twist of fate that thousands of occultists use the power of a fictional book in order to evoke Demons and Spirits. It does not matter whether Necronomicon is invented by someone or created by the Mad Arab. The only thing that matters is the reality of the Magician’s experience.

Reality derives from experience.

Experience derives from objectivity.

Objectivity derives from “in the same vein” massive subjectivity.

Finally, I would like to give you a word of warning after reading this article:

Be careful while reading Lovecraft. Cthulhu is so real like your next door neighbour.