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The art of Conquerism

A table of excellencies hangeth over every people. Lo! It is the table of their triumphs; lo! It is the voice of their Will to Power.

- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus spoken Zarathustra-

    The feeling of triumph or the feeling of loss is centered in the middle of the belly, in the solar plexus, just below the ribs. Think of a time when someone praised you or gave you a really nice compliment. Think of a time when you felt very successful; think of a time when you felt failure.

Remember, and feel.

    When humans are nervous they use the phrase "butterflies in the stomach", but the location of the butterfly feeling is not usually the physical stomach, which is on the left side of the body, but rather in the belly, just under the bottom of the ribs. Feelings of guilt, foreboding of future bad events, worry, and insecurity, all are felt in the solar plexus.

    Feelings of being abused, victimized, persecuted, or any other kind of disrespected boundaries are felt in the belly, in the solar plexus. The solar plexus channel is where your personal boundaries, as an individual are felt. It is the channel of hierarchy games: winners and losers, abusers and victims. This is the art of Conquerism.

The choice is yours.


You are influenced by external elements.

Your whole life is based upon a specific schedule.

The Typhonian Gods have constructed outer factors to make humans think less and serve more.

Have you ever considered in how many square meters you live in?

Most people are incapable of escaping from their jobs, bills and personal problems, the average human being is a prisoner of his life.

A Typhonian is the Conqueror of life. A Typhonian knows exactly how to manipulate life according to his will.

You are what you are. You are not what you have to be.

Create your Own experience and act one step further to accomplish the Reprogramming process. With personal effort and with the assistance of the Typhonian Gods, the Typhonian is a flawless Conqueror of life and death.


The Sangreal of the Typhonian immortal bloodline

Are you one of us ?

You have certainly heard this expression before. Some of you passed it up and some others wondered.

The text below is directed to those who really wonder.

Since its creation, a long time ago, NAOS has served the purpose of finding the intelligent individuals, those who conceive.

But what should the exact meaning of the term intelligent individual be?

How could you determine whether you are one or not?

Throughout history, there have been many religions, sects or cults, coming form different civilizations, claiming their “Superiority”.

An example would be the Japanese Emperors, especially in the Meiji period, who claimed to be Gods, demanding to be treated so and thus they considered their nation divine.

However, history and facts have proven quite the opposite.

So, what would be the magical element that makes an intellectual person?

Is potentiality the key?

Of course it is, but it’s not enough. To be 'potential,' the individual must have conscious realization that he differs from other human beings.

This realization comes from the consciousness (a further analysis on this issue can be found in the Book of Nous) and forces the individual to have this belief. This potentiality is often reinforced by certain events that many call “miracles”.

We have stated that being potential is only one part of what we call conscience. What are the other elements?

There are three certain activities: Conquerism, Contact and Reprogramming. All based on your everyday life.

Conquerism is the conscious art of controlling your inner self, your goals and your environment according to your Will.

The Contact is the way to attract the Typhonian Gods, in order to communicate with them.

Reprogramming is the art of realizing the Truth behind the Lie!

All the previous activities are considered interrelated for NAOS, which means that all of them should be exercised in your everyday life. If one of them is ignored, you are about to return to your Homo sapiens state, you’ll become a divinee (in a humoristic sense of mine).

Life belongs to those who conceive!

So does faith.