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Ode to the Capstone !

By C.M.

“Noeton, oh Noeton, where for art thou Noeton.

What Light through yonder Third Eye breaks?”

Intellect, the faculty by which we abstract, set measure, play odds and project

possibilities, exists as a flashlight to illuminate that upon which it is fixed. Within a

field of uncertain darkness, this single circle of light may serve to keep us from

stumbling into traps right before us, but does little to provide useful data about

what lurks outside of its own scope.

What if there was a faculty which dictates a new impulse to action for this Intellect? A faulty in which the points desired for illumination are known quickly, and the need to spill light in all directions to find what we seek, is no more a burdensome task?

Noeton describes the interface between thoughts as objects, emotions as motive

forces, and actualization (manifestation), while Nous, is a term for the substance

itself, and Naos; the Secret of the Substance.

Noetic thinking would be best described as the action of this substance present within our thoughts, making one more aware of their own thoughts and the interconnected web that spins their emotions, altering “reality”.

This thinking stands in contrast to dianoia, which is based on sensory input and purely mathematical rationale. Nous is the intuitional intellect, capable of vast apprehension, efficiently, and clarity, without the processes that burden pure dianoia.

Nous (Divine Intellect) is the “first principle”, the essence of the ordered mentation

and concentration that propagates all forms.

As the impulse to its own self creation

through its own thought forms, which become all worlds, the mentation of this

intellect is the catalyst for life and it’s vast multiplicity, and it is also, the

exponentiator of it’s destruction.

In the hindu paradigm, it is said that the universe exists while Shiva meditates in

solitary stillness, holding the forms that are “reality” in its own mind, until Shiva’s

"1eye opens and obliterates all forms.

In finite comparison to Shiva, when a human

opens it’s eyes, the forms that are sustained during any focused visualization

become occluded by sensory input. Consciously sustained internal beliefs and

visions, cease to be apparent, but nevertheless they persist beyond the bounds of

sensory perception, influencing what we think we are seeing.

Seen in light of fractal dynamics, quantum physics, this bit of mythology comes

into sharper definition. It has been demonstrated in recent years that electrons

react to attention, collapsing into definite position when observed, and existing in

superposition when ignored.

Attention, re-orders the field into a fixed position.

All humans have this ability to effect matter and are in fact, doing this all the time,

but few accumulate Nous to the extent of becoming conscious of it, and even fewer

to the degree of being able to apply that awareness into kinetic forms of “mind

over matter” awareness.

Those who do, may use it personally, with calculated conscious effort, and become vast magnetic centers of spin, attracting increasing Nous, playing their world as an instrument of desire, and motivating others with their melodious progressions.

Egregore is a common term in the western mystery tradition to describe the aggregate condition of many individual minds coagulating into their own repository of transient and fixed forms. The effect these forms can have on the waking world cannot be understated. At this level, harnessing the power of belief to influence the Noeton is actively cultivated by those conscious of it.

Ordo Ab Chao.

Working to effect the Noeton ranges from the simple act of using the imagination, work, and action, to change our own character and potential, bringing something into form with manual effort, tools, planning, and persistence, to the more subtle mental/kinetic effects upon the continuum, such as the Power of Attraction and interpersonal synchronicity webs that leave little to coincidence.

At its pinnacle, it encompasses the psychic ability to push upon the atomic world itself, and bringing forth telekinesis, astral projection, direct sensing (remote viewing) and very direct “mind over matter” manifestations, and other so-called “supernatural” activity.

Broad emphasis tends to be placed on intellect when considering consciousness, often to the extreme of reading all negative emotions as weakness, and making failures a cause for shame, instead of flexing these muscles and breaking them down until they are strong and resilient.

Many mystics and intellectuals alike endeavor into a tragic wasteland of self denial, often without realizing it - rejecting the onslaught of their own emotions regarded as weakness. Yet, the act of "2mistaking our emotions for a non-reality, or something of which to be ashamed, is the enemy of Noetic Intellect.

Our character is the sum of our experiences, which becomes a reaction to the emotions we have tasted, and our response to these emotions will, over time, fuse our potential with certain limiters.

Perhaps most interesting of all, is the effect that our emotions (or repression of them) have upon our intellect. All to often in the intellectual pursuit of knowledge, the emotional/abstract is lost - and this does not increase the intellect of man, but rather, places a very burdensome handicap upon the individual, and robs them of Nous.

So feel, drink deep from the cup of life, and regret not which provides rich experience. A mark of Noetic Consciousness is the ability to perceive the abstract, to understand and probe the meaning of symbols, to express “thoughts beyond words” with allegory, a profound appreciation of well-written poetry, to see and feel that which is “more than the sum of its parts”.

It is important when considering the Noeton, and Noetic Consciousness as a Science - to feel deeply our emotions, mind our thoughts, take care with our actions, and alterany actions or thought sequences which are not found to be in agreement with that which we seek to bring into our experience.

The contrast that exists between what we are vs what we wish to be, between our ideals, and the actions we are taking to embody them, determines our state of being, and the Power we have access to.

There is no objective universe that exists apart from the subjective universe, only the widening circumferences of a vast sea of countless flashlights swimming in an Abyss, seeking to illuminate the panorama, to know of themselves, through experience.  

As above, so below, dear Lord Shiva.

Change how we look at all things, and what we see will change.