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Experience is based on the senses, while Knowledge is based on Noeton.

Noeton pronounced no-e-tόn, means “to think with consciousness” and derives from the word “nous” which means to intellect (mind/reason) or to have intelligence. It would be true to say that this intelligence is not human, but a gift from Typhon.

Without that gift we would not understand the Necker cube and the world would still be based on naïve realism.

Plato explored Noeton and maintained that the world of ideas (forms) is just as real as the world of objects.

A classical example to understand this condition of Noeton is the allegory of the cave.

The story narrates that inside a cave under the ground, several people were living with chains in such as way that they could only face and see a wall. These people could not look either back or right or left. Behind them there was a fire and every time something happens behind their back it is represented as a shadow on the wall. Since these people live all of their lives inside the cave, they have the impression that these shadows are the real manifestation of things.

However, when one of these chained men was set free and sent out of the cave, this man would be blinded from the light of the sun. This man would then realize about the true existence of reality with a conscious awareness that his past life had been built in delusion.

Noeton is the procedure when someone comes out of the delusion and experiences reality and becomes conscious of who he is. Noeton is the preexisting divine soul of humanity that survives the death of the physical body.

Noeton is not based on the five senses, where the chained men trusted their senses concerning the so-called reality.

Noeton is the dynamic axis upon which civilizations and religions were created, and the reason that humanity seeks spirituality.

Noeton is the bridge that connects knowledge and memory. Knowledge is memory before entering the physical body. Embrace the wisdom of Typhon!

We are all born with anamnesis, the ideas are already inside our spirit. This is the forgotten knowledge. NAOS exists to manifest this Typhonian intelligence.