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Information about Active Membership

The Typhonian Satanist, just like Typhon, is a being that struggles for his rightful due to conquer.

Throughout centuries many occult organizations and religions were built and many Typhonians joined to fulfill their ego and purpose.

NAOS has been re-created again to find and help individuals with alien intelligence. We are not an organization or an occult group, but a religion in the service of Satan-Typhon.

Therefore, NAOS is not a business or an organization for profit.

In NAOS, there is an unwritten law of ethics that each member should assist one another, as they are of the same blood. For this reason we cannot accept everyone, nor do we ask for economic support.

In order to become a Typhonian, we require a donation of $10 (We are a non-profit organization). Our main motivation behind charging this donation is to separate serious individuals who seek true knowledge from “fun seekers."

Click here to see the Initiatory Stages of NAOS

The advantages of becoming an active member of NAOS:

1) The book with the teachings of NAOS, entitled "Typhonia Mysteria." This book is given free as a pdf only to members.

2) “The Conqueror” journal. This is the official newsletter of NAOS. Anything that concerns the philosophy of Typhonian Satanism and its members would be included in the “Conqueror” journal.

3) Active membership in the inner forum of NAOS via the internet. Exclusive forum for the members. There are many projects of Greater Magic that you can participate in order to change the world.

4) The opportunity to meet other members. By becoming an active member of NAOS you will be provided information about the “earthly encounters” with Satanists of your area.

5) The guidance of the members of the Priesthood of Naos. Each member can be chosen by a Priest or Priestess to be mentored. This is the classical example of an apprentice and a Teacher.

NAOS is a rapidly evolving organization and its structure may change according to the requirements and the will of the founding council.

Click here to download the NAOS application form,

Then apply for membership at [email protected]